Active ingredients in Smart move - Joint relief cream

Juniper berries

Juniper berries do indeed help with joint care thanks to it's main components. If taken daily, juniper may be able to reduce the uncomfortable inflammation. Only prickly juniper and common juniper varieties were effective.

Golden raisins & gin

First off I am not recommending that you go and drink gin, but I thought this was an interesting old home herb for joint care. This remedy stretches back at least 20 years, and some people swear by it, while others have had success.

Eucalyptus oil blend

Eucalyptus don't change the course of the discomfort itself, but they do have relieving properties. The cooling sensation that they produce can temporarily override your discomfort, and create a soothing sensation.


A common reliever for joint discomfort contains capsaicin, a component in hot peppers. It minimizes the alert to the discomfort, and therefore the discomfort itself. It is one of the more effective topical reliever.

Better joint care

If you suffer from joint discomfort, you're certainly not alone. Here's how to ease your aches the natural way.

Reliever. There's evidence that this combination can be effective for people with mild to moderate joitn problems. Take a half-teaspoon of powdered ginger or up to 30 grams (about 6 teaspoons) of fresh ginger once a day. Research shows that ginger helps relieve joint pain, probably because of its ability to increase blood circulation, which ferries inflammatory chemicals away from painful joints.

Apply heat and cold to joint pain. Applying heat to a painful joint can provide significant relief. For heat sources, you can use electric blankets and mitts, heating pads, or hot packs. Heat things up for 20 minutes. Simply taking a hot bath or shower can also be soothing. Cold treatments may work equally well when joints are inflamed. Wrap an ice cube in a towel or washcloth, and press it to the sore joint. Alternatively, you can use a bag of frozen peas or corn.

Wear gloves to bed. If you frequently have swollen hands in the morning, wear a snug-fitting pair of gloves to bed. They'll keep the it in check.

Oil aching joints. Eat more cold-water fish. Many people who food their meals with omega-3 fatty acids'found in cold-water fish like salmon'discover that pain and stiffness are lessened. These substances seem to discourage inflammation in the body. If you like nuts, indulge in them a bit. They also contain beneficial oil.

Rub on relief. Capsaicin is a substance that gives hot peppers their 'heat.' Rub on a store-bought capsaicin cream and let it go to work. It irritates nerve endings, diverting your brain's attention from joint pain. Oil of wintergreen and eucalyptus oil are also effective. Put a few drops on the skin and rub it in. Be cautious with wintergreen, however, since some people develop a skin reaction. Also, don't use either of these oils under a heating pad or hot compress, as the additional heat can cause them to burn or irritate the skin.

Alternative ways for joint care

Acupuncture's origins date back to China more than 2,000 years ago. When properly administered, by an experienced practitioner it can be effective in providing relief for the joints. Acupuncture is a very effective form of discomfort control and works in a number of ways. Firstly, it assists the body to produce chemicals called endorphins, which make us feel good and in turn inhibit our bodies ability to feel discomfort. Secondly, it stops the transmission of signals to the brain through the nervous system. Thirdly, it works on trigger points. Trigger points are tender and extremely reactivate areas that develop within specific areas of our muscles. The result being a widespread relaxation of both body and mind.

About us

The perfect blend of all natural ingredients including 5 essential oils made for relieving in joints. This unique relief cream is formulated to relieve joint discomfort, upper and lower back pain, and neck.

All natural ingredients to include

  • Aero vera
  • Cayenne
  • Juniper berries
  • Golden raisins & gin
  • Menthol
  • 5 amazing essential oils
  • Eucalyptus
  • Coconut oil extract
  • Seaweed extract

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